Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Curtain of time.

Several years ago, I took my family on a vacation trip to Sonora Mexico. On the way to our destination, I couldn't help but notice the enormous amount of poverty in the country.

The huts of the poor were made of tin that didn't require a draft of an architect to erect, their children playing by the irrigation ditches, barefoot, their clothing torn, and ragged. The sole provider of the family on his way to work, walking alongside the road, with the hope his sweat, and the strength of his arms would provide for the bare necessities of the day.I was overtaken by emotions, And lifted my voice to God, Oh! Lord, why have you allowed these things to be? My grief was questioning the wisdom of the almighty God.

As I was driving down the road, suddenly their appeared to me a vision of a red velvet curtain, very similar to the ones used on a theatrical stage. The drapes were then slowly drawn, I felt compelled to look inside, as I leaned forward and placed my head inside the curtain, I shifted my focus to my far left and witnessed what appeared to be the beginning of time, as my head slowly turned from left to right, I could see a diverse amount of world events taking placed in perfect sequence, very similar to a jigsaw puzzle being pieced together to form an image.When my eyes were fully focused to the far right, I witnessed the end, or rather the beginning. The puzzle that once held doubt was complete, pieced together to form a clear image, every event of life had its place, whether it was good, or bad.

When I pulled my head out away from curtain, the drapes began to close. When they were fully shut, the vision ended, and I lost memory of the events I had just witnessed. The only Memory that remains to this day, is the fact that our God is perfect in all his ways.

A few months later, at around three o' clock in the morning, there was knock on my front door to advise me of the death of my older brother. The first thought to enter my mind, was that another piece of the puzzle had found its place. Although I loved my brother dearly, I refrained from ever asking the Lord why.

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