Friday, January 20, 2012

The Time Piece

The Time Piece
A story is told of A fine crafts man who built A time piece, and fashioned it like no other. For hours he labored to produce the one of a kind. After being satisfied with his new creation, he thought it fit to give to his closest friend who would surely be pleased by the gift. The friend was left speechless and unable to find words to express his gratitude. The beauty of the time piece was breath taking. Its accuracy was beyond belief.

As time went by the friend's curiosity grew strong. He became determined to find the mystery of the creation of the time piece. After days of thought he came to the conclusion that he must disassemble it, if he is to ever know its secret. After taking it apart and examining it, he found himself unable to put it back together. He did all that was possible with no positive results.

After much deliberation he came to the conclusion that if the time piece was ever to be restored, he would have to endure the shame of his error, and return the time piece to the only one capable of restoring it. He explained to the crafts man how his curiosity had over took him, and asked for his forgiveness. The craftsman quickly accepted his apology, and asked, "my friend, where is the time piece ? " With shame he handed him the remnants. After a short space of time, the crafts man returned, and in his hand was the time piece, the gift fully restored.

The God of the universe is the craftsman the creator of all things.
The friend represents religion
The Time Piece, the life of men without his maker.
The free gift, Jesus Christ