Friday, November 1, 2013

In The Midst of the Whirlwind

I would like to emphasize that this testimony is not fictional, but a true account of what occurred the night I was confronted by the one and only true God, and the father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It was the early 70's I was a young man . My life at this point in time was in total chaos. I was struggling to find a reason for my existence but no one seemed to have the answer and my life was getting from bad to worse. There was such a deep rooted hatred within me. An anger that would overtake to such a degree that nothing mattered to me.

I would often wake only to find windows shattered, miscellaneous objects in my family's home broken to pieces. The people whom I loved who occupied the home were gone because they feared me. I would have little or no recollection what so ever  had occurred during the night. My Mother would be the one to fill me in the day after and put all the pieces of the puzzle together for me. "Felix, you went crazy again last night " I would apologize to her and she would always forgive me. I really don't want to go into specific detail of everything that was happening to me during this dark period of my life. If I was to do so the only way of providing all that information was to write a book. Non-the-less it was all leading to the only alternative left, and that option was death.

On this particular day I just happened to stay at my cousins home for the night. As I was undressing getting ready for bed , I just happened to glance over at a night table next to my bed. On the table was a bible.  I reached over and picked it up and held it in my hand, and this is what I prayed "Lord if this is the truth show me or else I'm going to die. But please show me tonight otherwise I will perish.

I quickly fell into a deep sleep. After a space of time, of which I cannot determine, I remember I was having a dream and there was nothing really unusual about it, suddenly as though someone pressed the pause button on a D.V.D player the dream froze. I knew that I was dreaming at this point

 I opened my eyes and I found myself standing next to my bed, as I drew close to the person laying on my bed I could distinctly see all the features of my face, it was evident the person lying in the bed was me.

As I looked around the room there was no doubt it was the same one I had occupied that night. I was peaceful and not fearful in the least, I lifted my voice and screamed out his name "Jesus." Immediately I heard the sound of a breeze coming from the ceiling. It quickly became a strong wind and in its final stage a whirlwind. Suddenly I found myself in the midst of the whirlwind and the greatest love known unto mankind. As I was being taken up I recall praising and worshiping the God of all creation .

Suddenly the whirlwind stopped and started rotating in the opposite direction, I could feel myself descending and the power of the wind subsiding. "No Lord, don't take me back, I want to be with you forever," I cried. I felt my soul as it entered back into my body, Immediately my eyes were opened .

I rose from the bed and fell to my knees and prayed "Oh Lord, all this time I thought you were just a joke, that someone had made you up, I didn't know you were real". As I worshiped the room was filled with the presence of a holy being which words are unable to describe. In reverence I confessed my sins to God that night and asked for his forgiveness.

 The following morning I woke early and made my way to the home of some Christian people believing they would somehow be able to shed light in my encounter with the Lord. As I walked to their home it seemed as though the earth was new, even the very air I was breathing was different. I had never experienced such peace in my entire life

Upon arriving I tried explained to them what had occurred that night, they were skeptical and could not understand why God would perform such a miracle for someone as sinful as myself. I could see the doubt in their faces. One of the individuals asked me, "and what do you suppose happened to you last nite." I answered, "the lord gave me of his holy spirit." the words came from my mouth involuntarily, I was amazed at the answer (I had no knowledge of the holy spirit). After they tried to convinced that what had occured to me that nite was not as meaningful as I suspected  I walked back home and straight to the refrigerator where my favorite beverage was, I opened the can and stepped outside to the porch where I was reminiscing about the greatest adventure of my life.

 Then I observed a man walking in the direction of  the house, upon his arrival he started talking to me about his religion. As I listened to him there was suddenly an interruption, words starting pouring from my mouth uncontrollably speaking of one who died on a cross more then two thousand years ago giving testimony of Jesus Christ.

The man was astonished by the words that were being spoken and glorified God, I was also amazed by what was happening and fearful at the same time. I was quoting scripture from the bible, a book I had never read before in my life. Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever.