Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"The Immigrant"

The Immigrant

"Oh America you have adorned yourself in beauty and the smell of your perfume attracts all nations unto you.

My father chose you America, even as a man would his bride, he praised you with his lips, and he loved you with his heart.

My father spoke of your sweet words, you promised him equality. I see no brown ,or white, nor black, you boasted of your justice that it would be for all.

faithful are your words America, for I was born within your gates, planted in your soil as a seed was I. You nurtured me, you taught me in your ways.

I took arms for thee America that your beauty may remain, why do my brothers turn their face from me, as though they do not know me? Do I embarrass them?

I hear my brothers whisper, and their actions towards me recommend, "go home from where you came they say, return unto your mother land," but America you are my mother, I know no other.

As for me America, I will always love you faithfully, I will not trade you for another, I will be vigilant for thee, that your beauty may remain for all eternity."